About ‘The Machinist Super Shopfloor Awards’

Organized by Worldwide Media (WWM) a fully owned subsidiary of The Times of India Group (BCCL), ‘The Machinist Super Shopfloor Awards’ is India’s first and only Red-Carpet ceremony for the country’s discrete manufacturing industry. Started in 2015, The Machinist Super Shopfloor Awards platform has created a benchmark through its credibility, industry acceptance and popularity over the last Five years. The fifth edition was celebrated on May 29, 2019 in Bengaluru.

The process

Nominations are invited from shopfloors (and not companies). It is an open and fair platform that truly brings out the best of Indian manufacturing. There are ten different categories that address the key measurable parameters for a manufacturing plant’s performance.

There are two segments to create a level playing field - Large Enterprises (Annual company turnover Rs.1000 crore and above) & SMEs (Annual company turnover less than Rs.1000 crore). Although MNC companies sometimes get treated as SMEs due to their India turnover being less than Rs.1000 crore, they are treated separately from home grown SMEs to be fair to the latter.

Sending entries is simple and the nomination form is self-explanatory. Nomination FAQs are also provided to help plants create their nominations. The shortlisted nominations are assessed by an eminent Jury Members, who are top management industry experts with substantial experience. Based on their evaluation, the winning companies are selected.

The winners are felicitated at a Grand Awards ceremony. The winning team takes home the coveted ‘Machie’ trophy. The Machie trophy has now become so popular that many now refer to the Awards platform as the ‘Machie Awards’.


The categories include:

- Covid-19 Innovation (Recently Introduced)

- Safety

- Productivity

- Digital Manufacturing

- Innovation (Product/Process)

- Green Manufacturing

- Machining Excellence

- Quality

- Human Resources (HR)

- Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

- Supply Chain Management (SCM).

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